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If its cold dress warmly, if its hot dress lightly, if its wet have rain gear.  Sun protection is important and an individual responsibility.  Most people feel cooler on the water than when going about on the land, so bring that extra covering for yourself. There is plenty of room on board to store your extra clothing and it is sure nice to have it with you when you need it. In the event of unexpected rain, some extra foul weather gear is available aboard DreamCatcher.


PROVISIONS - Meals & Drinks

Please bring along plenty of liquids (of a non-alcoholic nature).  There are coolers and refrigeration on board. Water and Ice is provided.  The type of food you wish to bring is up to you. You may eat at anytime during the course as we may be under sail or at anchor depending on where we are in the course structure.



Your safety and enjoyment is an important concern for us at MainSail Charters so please be aware that course scheduling is weather dependant. Theaccurate prediction of the weather is never 100 percent. Every effort is made to notify you in a timely fashion if it appears that weather will prevent us from conducting the training.  Should weather prevent us from sailing you will receive a refund or be rescheduled for a future date.



Sailing can be strenuous. A moderate to high level of physical activity can be expected aboard DreamCatcher during the duration of the course. When you submit your waiver form prior to taking the course, you are attesting to your ability to function at this level of physical activity.  Sailing can be either relaxing or demanding depending upon the weather and the nature of the work which must be performed during certain aspects of sailing. Because you will be acting as a member of the class you will be expected to be physically able to perform all the tasks outlined under course descriptions. Should you have questions about this aspect of the class do not hesitate to inquire.

Two first aid kits are on board. However, if you have medical conditions that would limit your ability to function or required maedical assistance away from immediate medical care, you should not take the course.  When you sign up for the course it is incumbent upon you to make us aware of any medical considerations including handicaps and allergies.



"Beginning Sailing" -

Designed for those who have never been on a sail boat or who have been on one, found they enjoyed it and want to learn themselves how to do it so they do not have to always be jsut a passenger on someone else's boat.


"WOW!!, That is a Big Boat" -

In this course, you will be expected to already know certain aspects of sailing including what the mast is and how to determine where the wind is coming from.

If you are taking the The "WOW!! That is a Big Boat" course, then it is presumed you know these and other "beyond beginner" skills and knowledge. This course is designed to cover various aspects of larger boats, enhanced boating safety, basic navigation and how to plot a course using a nautical chart, operation of a vessel under power, anchoring procedures, and starting and stop[ping a sail boat.


Navigation and Piloting -

Build upon your skills you learned during the "WOW!! That is a Big Boat " course. In this instruction, you will learn additional navigation skills and then actually plot your course on a chart as you proceed to various destinations around the Bay. This course may be conducted while under sail and/or power or both. In this course you should not expect to spend a great deal of time at the helm. Most helm time will be had by the course instructor. Plotting your course underway is difficult if not impossible while you are also steering the boat.


Private Instruction -

This is provided either on your own boat or individually aboard DreamCatcher. The course of instruction will be determined based on your particular needs and will be exclusive to you.



If you are chartering with MainSail Charters & Research, LLC, you will not be expected to participate in any of the activities necessary to operate the boat. However, if you wish too, you may and are actually encouraged to. We have found over time and experience, that many who have chartered with us, did indeed want to also operate the boat and noted that in doing so, it increased their enjoyment. So please feel free to let us know if you want to participate in the operation of DreamCatcher during your charter time.

Please note, that the considerations noted above for those taking a course of instruction, also apply if you are chartering.







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